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This was a very relaxing day. Most of my time was spent reading at home in the morning. Then I went to D’s and read alternating with conversation for the afternoon and evening. Saw lots of nice people I like.

The musical entertainment was odd. A gigantic tall round black man with an earring showed up looking like Ving Rhames about to kill us all. Instead, he threw a small diva fit about the tables and chairs and made the employees sweep the floor. Having annoyed everyone, he then sat down and very competently played soft sweet folky music. He was kind of an Indigo Guy.

17th Street is blocked between Tustin & Santa Ana Aves., apparently because some drunk from Pierce Street Annex lost control and wiped out a series of utility poles. That place needs to get shut down. They obviously don’t care about the mounting body count there.

The always useful Adjab reports that Juicy Fruit Gum has a “blog”, and that sooner than you think we’ll all be able to have Jim Beam sandwiches. I think I’m a teensy bit ill already thinking about it.

In better news, the Null Device informs me of the second Eurovision video from Molvania’s own Zladko: “I am the Anti-Pope”.

Finally, are the mad scientists really trying to build a fusion power installation in France? Do those even work yet?

3 thoughts on “weekend update

  1. Musical Entertainment
    Your big black man story reminds me of a time I was visiting a friend in Scotland. We went up to the highlands for the weekend and we asked in the local pub if they could recommend a babysitter for her kids so that she and I could go out one night. They told us that they didn’t think we could find a sitter for that night since they had a band coming in which meant everyone would be at the pub. So we left her husband with the kids and went down to the pub to hear the band.
    The “band” turned out to be an extremely white Scottish guy with a karaoke machine singing R&B classics. Very odd.

  2. When I lived with the crazy clan we went to city hall to protest “pierce street” along with about 500 other people that live in the neighborhoods behind it.
    The only truly cool thing I ever saw Derek do was threaten a drunk pierce streeter with a baseball bat for breaking a freshly planted sapling outside our house.
    He and his brother used to sit and drink on the front lawn, waiting for the bar to get out, threatening the lives of wasted patrons that were trying to get their “swerve on” in our front yard.
    Also: remember the time I came home from Diedrichs and someone had parked a CAR on my front lawn? SWEEEET.

  3. damn that guy sounds talented. it’s hard to be gigantic and tall at the same time – that’s like TWO things. i’m glad he didn’t kill you all.
    (*sigh*) wish I was an Indigo guy.

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