We don’t need another Nero

  1. Many thanks to explosivo for showing me Pandora. It’s a make-your-own radio station that learns your preferences. It reminds me of the late lamented Firefly in its uncanny ability to find music you like given a set of known favorites. Very cool.
  2. I hope against hope that Joshua Clark’s “reporting” from NOLA (as reported by fengi is some kind of satire. But it’s probably not.
  4. Via cruel.com the amazing news that abortion is often the result of failed sodomy. No idea what the mechanism is here, even after reading the article. I should have paid more attention in my Freedom Science classes.
  5. Photoshop contest: If goths ruled the world. (via The Null Device.
  6. Prostitutes decide to become marketers; punch line not necessary.
  7. Just what we needed, burning bullets (via New Scientist and defensetechblog).
  8. We will have now have shorter, stupider “reader-friendly” editions of the great books that idiots don’t read anyway!

20 thoughts on “We don’t need another Nero

      1. Re: Other faves
        Dammit, now you’ve made me think of the old “winter of our discount tent” SA thing. I’m going to be giggling quietly to myself all night now.

      2. no good but i wanna play too
        A Light on August 1st
        1200 Main Street #5, USA
        The Satisfactory Gatsby
        Six-Day War and Peace
        Naked Snack
        The Foyer of Solitude
        To Hear a Mockingbird
        Less Than Less Than Zero

      3. Re: a bit late, but i wanna play too
        The Old Man and the Pond
        It Takes an Apartment Complex to Raise a Child
        Paragraphs in Courage

  1. I’m not near my ssh keys right now, but remind me to send you a brilliant Russian video synopsis of Anna Karenina. Running time: 38 seconds. 8^)

  2. What about those 30-page large-print “revised” copies of Huck Finn and Treasure Island that they have in the dentist’s office?
    I mean, it’s been done.

    1. The fact that it’s not for children or a specialty audience is sort of disturbing; it’s as though Readers Digest is going to be the new standard.

      1. I’m kind of baffled at the idea of making a condensed version of Proust. On the one hand, it’s already in a nearly irreducible state; like a complicated but elegant equation, removing any single part would change the meaning. On the other hand, you will have just accidentally created a real-life version of a famous Monty Python sketch. Good show, lads! On the other, uh… leg, I’m all in favour of any guy who can summarize Tolstoy like this:
        “Noble people, with names that all sound vaguely like Kalashnikov, dance and gossip and do evil things, sometimes all at the same time.”

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