Good evening.

Tonight’s moment of Cinema Bizarre on the patio:

Young Japanese man with very thick accent approaches each table in turn. He bows and introduces himself and then produces an incomprehensible spiel. Confronted with blank stares, he proffers that he is asking for donations to “Fight… Crime.”

I decline, as does each person in turn around the patio. His response is a long quiet disturbing stare, followed shortly by effusive thanks and more bows.

Bonus points: he arrives at my table just as I am finishing Borges’ retelling of the story of the 47 Ronin.

5 thoughts on “Good evening.

  1. just rode my bike home from a friend’s house after watching football and was waiting at the light to cross E. 17th Street at Tustin when the same young guy approached me. His speech lasted as long as the light took to change. He obviously gets around.

  2. If he comes by again, please put him in touch with me. I’ll gladly connect him with my friend from Nigeria who’s offered me 5% of the $37 million his grandfather the former President sealed in a mayonnaise jar under Funk & Wagnall’s front porch.
    It will be a good deal for them both.

  3. you are my sunshine…now give me money…
    friday night, standing outside of my buddys house smoking a cig with his brother, a rather peppy young girl form japan approached us. after the bows and the never ending kinda awkward smiles she finally was able to say in extremely broken english that she was doing volunter work for some foundation i would never understand. she was selling jewelry from hawaii. after politely declining, she insisted that i touch the “turtle” neckless, which when worn brings out hte joy of song.
    reluctantly i give it a quick swipe of my finger…she immediatly breaks outin song, “You Are My Sunshine My only sunshine. You make me happy When skies are grey.” only she didnt stop there, she kept going and going and going…
    mind you this was at about 8:45pm, its dark and she is meandering hte streets of irvine alone. ok, it is irvine, i am sure she was safe, but still.

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