tivo ergo sum

  1. The sad story of kudzu (Sprol).
  2. Print this up and tack it to the wall: Shortcuts to get a human at lots and lots of companies. This is the best thing I’ve seen on the Internet in a while!
  3. A deranged weather man believes that Hurricane Katrina was caused by Japanese “Yakuza” gangsters. No, really.

5 thoughts on “tivo ergo sum

  1. I heard an interview with the deranged weather man on the radio this morning. Technically, he himself doesn’t believe it’s the Yakuzas, he thinks “it’s closer to home” and it was done in order to set in motion plans for the future (he didn’t say, but it was implied that a large corporation will get the rebuilding gig and thus make someone rich).
    Who the hell knows? It made for interesting radio.

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