Modest Proposal: Talk Radio Project

It’s an angry white guy talk radio show with a twist. We’ll have the angry white guy as usual, with his hard-hitting, straight-shooting, “politically incorrect” take on things which is the same as every other angry white guy talk show. We’ll have the callers who take it a step further and yell a lot about how the brown people and the “international bankers” and Bill Clinton and women are responsible for all our troubles, and advocating the usual genocidal and/or unworkable solutions to complex problems.

The twist is that all the callers are actors. Any real callers are immediately referred to a psychiatric intervention which is mandatory and may be carried out by force. We’ll have them agree to this by pressing “1” on their touch tone phones while waiting to go on the air, and none of them will listen to the disclaimer anyway.

This is going to require some resources, including air time, an 800 number, and quite a few “mobile intervention centers” (windowless panel vans with hospital beds, 4 point restraints, and gallon bottles of Risperdal).

Who’s in?

5 thoughts on “Modest Proposal: Talk Radio Project

  1. Sounds like the premise of the original, pre-9/11 Phil Hendrie show to me. How such a vastly talented, creative man so completely went over to the Dark Side so quickly still remains a mystery to me.

  2. For great justice
    Can I be the minority cohost who agrees with everything you say and laughs at all your offensive jokes to show that your ideas have broad appeal and that anyone who calls you a bigot is a liberal pantywaist?

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