75% amusing

  • My company’s new web page/product has an apology for its quality on the home page. FUCK YEAH!
  • From: Quintinygaq@meth.com Subject: [SPAM] Taltened clebes stripping dwon and getting primal!
  • I received my discounted Calphalon pans from Amazon, nearly free with the sale and a gift cert. I am especially happy with the big saucier I call the Enough Spinach Pan because I can cook 3 bags at once of fresh spinach and have it cook down to enough for two people to really enjoy.
  • And then, after these minor amusements, I look at the news updates and see that the disaster zone in New Orleans is now Baghdad come home: martial law, official brutality, oppression, caches of corpses, a media lockout, lies, more lies, damned lies, and chuckling gauleiters celebrating the misery of their compatriots. This isn’t my country any more. It’s occupied territory.

7 thoughts on “75% amusing

      1. Re: That NY Times article: Electronic Funds Transfers? Checks? I can not imagine 350,000 people in one city, trying to get a a check cashed. And what for those without bank accounts to do an EFS?
        Wow. Fuck you FEMA, Fuck you rrrrrright there.

    1. What are they thinking!!!!
      “The guards, employees of private security companies like Blackwater, openly carry M-16’s and other assault rifles.”
      That’s just insane.

  1. Finally, enough spinach!
    Wow, I need that enough spinach pan! Actually, until we remodel the kitchen the LAST thing I need is another pan. I had a screaming fit in the kitchen last week because I couldn’t find a lid for the pan I wanted to use because I cannot find ANYTHING EVER in this place! So I threw things and cursed very loudly which didn’t solve the problem but made me feel minorly better.

    1. Re: Finally, enough spinach!
      Sounds like me every night at dinner time. I live in a box without counter or pan storage space.
      Still very jealous of your new pans, C.

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