Anonymous posting is now disabled (Sorry Jeff! Sorry Laura! Sorry various other people who seem nice but I dunno who you are mostly!). All comments are now screened, which also kind of sucks because it was interesting to come back from a post and see a conversation spontaneously started when I was away.

But this way at least I won’t have any pointless flamewars here unless they’re my own damned fault.

6 thoughts on “administrivia

  1. Dear Sage…
    “Are you then,” I answered, unable to restrain
    My tongue, “that Virgil from whose lips spring
    Rich words in such a bountiful fountain?
    O glory and light of all others who sing
    In verse, please show me favor
    For having lovingly studied every little thing
    In your volume. You are my master, my author,
    For only through careful imitation
    Of your noble style am I granted any honor.
    But behold, famous sage, where trepidation
    Gallops my pulse, and makes my veins pound;
    Save me from that beast’s intimidation! “

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