15 thoughts on “i cannot breathe

  1. Yeah, and I are repeating “are you fucking kidding me?!” like a mantra these days. Everything is unbelievably, over the top, insanely bad. It’s just incomprehensible.
    And then Gillian dies.
    We have reached bizarro world.

    1. I was staring at “gillian dies” for a few minutes wondering who dropped dead when I realized you’d dropped a G and it was Bob Denver.

  2. A) Keep it between us, but the queers are arming even as we speak.
    B) Osama + Jenna= most colicky bearded alcoholic baby ever
    C) My icon can beat up your icon!
    D) Leave it to the Daily Show to do a hugely funny segment while I’m away from the teevee. Grr.

  3. Ok, so why, exactly isn’t North Korea checked? I sure as hell wouldn’t call the administration’s handling of the DPRK a rousing success…

      1. Maybe I’ll Halloweenyize as Saddam this year. I seem to have a slight resemblence to that pic. Hrm.

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