I see no problem with this at all.

The Segerstroms want to put in 23-story condo towers across from South Coast Plaza in “Lakes Pavilion”, where the Greek restaurant is. First, they have to demonstrate that putting these in won’t cause environmental impact in the form of more cars. I wonder how hard it will be to convince their drinking buddies on the City Council that everything will be fine?


It’s not as bad as the condo-ization of East Costa Mesa, which is just slums in 20 years. At least South Coast Metro is already a sterile collection of malls and corporate plop architecture. But wow, if they start cranking up high-rises everywhere…

One thought on “I see no problem with this at all.

  1. So, there will be a complete educational system in the sub basements, and purchasers will be required to show guaranteed employment at South Coast Plaza or sufficient financial resources to never have to work (or travel) anyplace else.
    Then again, I guess they’ve got that covered because “Likely buyers for the proposed condominiums, O’Brien said, would include older, affluent couples with large homes and sizable amounts of equity.
    “They’re simplifying their life, [but] they want all the luxury they’re used to,” O’Brien said.
    I guess they’d still have to ban automobile ownership.
    (Don’t you love when I spew meaningless drivel? I thought so.)

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