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      1. They’re just people. That’s all. Even dictators have to keep some sort of support from the public in order to stay in power, and these guys aren’t even dictators…just crooks and liars.

      2. Whites of their eye-stalks
        Ya can’t spell impeachment without “each”!! Each of them!
        Also: “peach”. Mmmm peaches.

      3. Re: Whites of their eye-stalks
        Or “peachment”… the tasty, fruity alternative to sheepskin.

  1. Ha ha ha
    I wish it were so, but I will bet you dollars to donuts that the Bush administration is going to turn this around into a huge win for the Republicans. The governor of LA is a Democrat, as is the mayorof NO. Therefore it was Democratic party incompetence, etc. You can take it from there. Any argument or presentation of facts to the contrary by Democrats will be called out as “ugly politicking” and cause the right-dominated media to ring with hatred for Democrats. Both the mayor and governor will not be re-elected, and instead Republican party control of that state will be cemented. Mark my words.
    Bush is not going to get impeached for anything, ever. America will be naming airports and bridges after the man within five years of his leaving office. He’s the next Reagan.

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