Product Showcase: Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment

I try to keep away from product endorsements. When I blog, I think about my future as a possible Top Blogger, and Top Bloggers shouldn’t shill. We all have our little ways of making extra cash — I myself have amassed the sum of $0.90 from Amazon Associates — but it’s not considered cool to push stuff on your blog. Only bOINGbOING Pals can really get away with that.

However I have to say that I’m a big fan of the Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment. I have a 2001 Acura that’s rated at 29 mpg fuel economy highway, which is a fictitious number. In general duty with a long commute plus local driving I got maybe 22 or 23 miles per gallon for the first few years. But behold, at 90,000+ miles I started using this stuff and I get 27.5 miles per gallon on long trips now. It’s quite the boost. I can’t really tell if the engine runs smoother or I have more power because it’s so subjective. But damn. This stuff pays for itself in fuel economy alone. Highly recommended, especially now what with the fuel costs approaching nearly a third of what Europeans pay!

Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment: The Official Fuel Additive of substitute!

6 thoughts on “Product Showcase: Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment

  1. How much and where do you get it?
    Also, my car is rated at 30/35mpg and I wasnt even coming close to that because I’m a jerk and always went heavy on the accelerator. Now that I drive like a grandma I’m beating those numbers.
    Slow down. A lot.

    1. It’s a lot cheaper than the other fuel additives. I think it’s 8 bucks for the 32 ounce one, which lasts me about 5 fillups. I get it at Kragen or Pep Boys.

  2. re
    Nice tip.
    This reminds me I hate mechanics. I just spent the last week Errol Flynn style dueling with them saying my avalon at 34k needs a timing belt.
    The timing belt gets replaced at 90k you fucking tossers! Where’s my fist-grip-punching-knife?
    Did I ever mention Unkle : Never Never Land kicks my ass?

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