Area Executives Admire Idols of Selves


Ford Chairman William Clay Ford Jr., left, then-UAW President Stephen P. Yokich and Visteon CEO Peter J. Pestillo unveil statues of themselves at the dedication of the Sterling Heights family center in 2001.

The punchline is the actual headline: Visteon cuts employees’ child care program. The photo, of course, is from the opening.

via autoblog.

Edit: My mother had the brilliant idea of getting all the preschoolers together and having some of them pull down the statues, Saddam-style, with lots of adorable kiddie cheering. I hope someone does this.

10 thoughts on “Area Executives Admire Idols of Selves

  1. Anymore, isn’t the villainy tag becoming redundant?
    And what kind of jackass statue wears a creased business suit? Only Lincoln could pull that off. Everyone is going to think four-eyes is a flattering portrayal of Dick Cheyney.

  2. To be fair, didn’t they put those statues up at the same time as they founded the child care programs? And it’s just now, 4 years later, that they’ve had to shut down the programs due to lack of funds?
    It’s not like they shut down the child care programs and used the money to buy statues.

    1. I hate them for putting up statues of themselves and then shutting it all down 4 years later. But putting up the statues was enough.

      1. I still think it is a little deceptive to combine that image with the headline — it’s obviously intended to make people think they’re spending money on statues of themselves instead of child care programs, instead of both being products of the same (and expended) glut of money.

      2. They deserve it. If you spend extra tens of thousands of dollars on your wonderful charitable day care centers to put statues of yourself in front of them and then later pull the plug on the whole thing, you deserve to get smeared with the statue shot, forever.

      3. Yeah, that’s true. I actually hadn’t realized that the statues were AT the daycare center. I thought they were at an office some place.
        I can imagine that, when the center was still open, the children were led in daily obeisance to the effigies of their great benefactors.

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