A penny saved is a penny.

  1. The “Trump Blog” is well worth reading. Today’s entry is from the Donald’s “Chief Learning Officer”, who has a ten point plan for reforming higher education that made me so happy I had to do the mambo with the cat for a while. Special points for using the phrase “just in time”, although #10 is really the best after you’ve read the first 9.
  2. I remembered today how much I liked Borges’ Library of Babel.
  3. Here, have lots and lots of mushroom cloud pictures.
  4. Since the Japanese have concreted over their entire nation with pork-barrel corruption construction projects, it’s time for the natural progression to blowing cash on a useless new Concorde.
  5. In smaller, more insidious aircraft news, they’re making evil animatronic birds to spy on us.
  6. ¡Cuidado! ¡Hay llamas!
  7. Mulder, watch out! ROGUE SQUIRREL!

7 thoughts on “A penny saved is a penny.

  1. That Borges story just about broke my brain the first time I read it a few years back. In the best possible way. Thanks for posting that, didn’t know it was online.

  2. Hey Harvard’s great FUN and all, but don’t you crave something a bit more serious? Well, pull up a patio chair and fire up that five year-old Packard Bell, it’s time to get your learn on!

    1. The universitaries are lacking in perspiration and sticktutivity
      The one that broke me was his assertion that you get to graduate if you amass a certain number of credits. WOULD THAT THIS WERE TRUE!

  3. yikes!
    so according to donald, we could make the university a vocational training experience. maybe corporations could determine if an individual has become proficient in class x and can determine if s/he passes the class. too bad for critical thinking and discourse, maybe we could give no child left behind tests to determine if the university professor is worthy.

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