6 thoughts on “Venezia.

  1. I loved Italy. Of all the places I’ve visited (many years ago), that’s the one place I’d really like to travel to again. So much history, art, beauty… And the people were very cool.

    1. I agree. I loved Italy. The architecture, the food, the people, the wild gesticulating, the espresso, the ART!! *sigh*
      Have you seen that movie “Stealing Beauty”??

      1. Stealing Beauty
        Is that the one with Liv Tyler? I think I might have tried to watch it once, but her acting drove me away. Or her lips. Or something. 🙂
        Now Lili Taylor – that’s an actress!
        If I see Stealing Beauty come up on my guide, I guess I’ll have to give it another look-see. Any particular scene to watch for?

      2. Re: Stealing Beauty
        I guess if you don’t like Liv it would be hard to watch, but it’s all set in the Italian countryside and it’s so idyllic and beautiful. No particular scenes, no, it’s just the setting, and the idea that there exists a group of people with a lot of money who do nothing more than go to parties at different Italian villas, sleep all day and drink wine and eat pasta all night. It’s lovely.

      3. Re: Stealing Beauty
        Oohhh… I like the sound of that. Very “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I’m a hedonist at heart. 🙂

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