1. Judith Miller is having a well-deserved bad year. Turns out you don’t get the Heroic Journalist Award after all when the source you’re protecting is a government stooge trying to get revenge on a whistleblower. Oh, and thanks for the faked WMD reporting, Judy!
  2. AUUUGH! One of the towelhead terrorist guys can take on the appearance of a Westerner at will! Are we fighting fucking LEX LUTHOR here? Does anyone know BUFFY’s phone number? Thank you ASSOCIATED PRESS for this IMPORTANT UPDATE!! YOW!!
  3. The Global Guerillas blog covers terrorism and guerilla warfare and looks very interesting at first read.
  4. Ell jay user tinymammoth has some cool science news updates today!
  5. Starbucks is in fact everywhere. (Flickr)
  6. The Mozilla people are starting a for-profit company. Somewhere jwz is laughing until he pukes.

3 thoughts on “Linkastrophe

  1. #3
    From that article on the Iraqi “IED marketplace”: They advertise their skills on the Internet and are temporarily contracted on a per-job basis, but otherwise remain autonomous.
    Boy, it’s a bad day when you envy insurgents their job perks.


  2. Wow, the NY Times article is pretty bad, or at least paints a completely different story from the stuff on Planet Mozilla. According to them, the two big problems were:
    1) Tax law. They make a lot of money, fall into a developing area of tax law, and their rather tired of having a tax attorney present at every meeting
    2) Partnerships with other companies. Corporations aren’t wary of partnering with non-profits for various reasons.


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