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  1. How’d they pull that off? The Atkins diet people have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Oh, probably because they bet $300 million on a diet trend lasting forever.
  2. Acupuncture can reduce tension headaches by half according to a recent study.
  3. These people claim that they can “fingerprint” the unique identity of a document, package, or credit card.
  4. An Iraqi town has named a U.S soldier as a sheik, or village elder.
  5. The Gitmo trials are so thoroughly rigged that military prosecutors have resigned in protest. Have you ever seen what military “justice” is like? Hint: everyone is guilty. What could possibly squick these guys? Were actual kangaroos involved?

5 thoughts on “I link, I link, I link.

  1. document fingerprinting
    People can fool fingerprint scanners pretty easily. Surely there are even easier ways to fake a pattern of imperfections on a piece of paper. They say they’re only using “low-cost laser scanners” anyway.
    Not that it’s a terrible idea — it’s a little extra security — but “foolproof” sets off my BS detectors.

    1. Re: ^_^
      Can’t say that I’m surprised or saddened by this.
      How long can you pull off having a pound of bacon for lunch without having a massive heart attack?

    1. Yes, very much so!
      I read the WSJ daily. It’s a weird publication; excellent investigative journalism and a batshit insane editorial page.

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