Hey joyfulagitator! Nail your sizzle points!

Can I bring you a non-refillable beverage while you look at the menu? Hey, don’t forget to save room for our sinfully decadent Chocolate Suicide cake! It’s my personal favorite.

TJI’m sure you’ll be able to follow some of of these key points below, but if that’s a hard slog just remember: you can always bring in TJ for one of his seminars, which are guaranteed stuff and not fluff!

Just thought I’d make sure you were keeping up with all the great tips in Service that Sells and Service That Sells 2: Managing the Sizzle!

  1. Personalize the guest experience and eliminate cookie-cutter service
  2. Nail “sizzle points” and wow every guest
  3. Embrace the steps you can follow to make the magic come alive
  4. Dramatically increase check averages, sales and profitability … and truly set your operation apart!

Maybe next you’ll get “Pour It On: 52 Ways to Manage Your Bar Profits”, which promises to:

  1. Improve the way you manage your inventory, your equipment overhead, your supplier relationships, and your bar staff
  2. Give your staff the techniques necessary to sell your beverages
  3. Show you how to entice customers to come into your operation, spend more money on alcohol beverages, and come back again — with their friends!


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