Chock full o’links

  1. They managed to spend almost $50K on a Mini, and ruined it thoroughly. For reference, the base Mini is about $20K, and I specced out my dream loaded super fast one with all my desires for $30K. Someone let a 12 year old build this thing after 3 liters of Mountain Dew.
  2. A modest proposal from zarriq Michael Bay should should remake the MST3K movies, since he’s already ripped off one of them.
  3. If you’re a bird, stay away from the ballpark, and particularly from the strike zone when Randy Johnson is pitching (MPEG video; warning, animal injury occurs).
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the number one impresario of celebrity porn (LA Times, bugmenot if unregistered). Jesus Christ, he looks like a fired club bouncer. What a thug. I’d love to be a fly on the wall while he was doing business in the office.
  5. Meet the guy who heaved a grenade at Dubbya; Gavrilo Princip rides again.

3 thoughts on “Chock full o’links

  1. Blue Spark Plug Wires………………$96.00
    All right! Would those be Monster Cables? With deoxygenated, gold-tipped spark plug interconnnects, your plugs are going to create a lush, unmodulated spark that helps your engine make the most of the premium fuel you put in its tank, and it will also really boost your dynamic range without overly accentuating the frequency extremes! Also, blue.


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