I just got The Pope‘s album in the mail today. Now I like them more than ever. Lots of screaming and smashing and loud guitars. Another thing they remind me of is the Three Johns. Or maybe if the Pixies got very, very, very, very wasted and turned up too high.

If you like noisy, exuberant music or if you just enjoy falling downstairs into the lawnmower, buy the damned thing

5 thoughts on “Popery.

    1. 3 Johns
      Yeah. I fell in love with “Death of the European” and saw them when they came here on tour in ’85 or ’86. They played Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach and about 8 people came. One of the Au Pair Girls opened for them. It was a wonderful show, but I’m not surprised they never came back.

      1. Re: 3 Johns
        Speaking of progish punk of the 80s. Do you remember bands like Nice Strong Arm and Blind Idiot God? There was a spate of 3-named oddball power instrumental bands that no one seemed to reference when the style recurred a few years back.

      2. Re: 3 Johns
        Hm, I do not remember either one of those bands! Were there other three-name bands in that scene?

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