13 thoughts on “mind map?

  1. i got an email about this the other day and was wondering what the hell it is. i could not figure out the point of it, or why one would pay to have it in color.

      1. “Like a lot of things on the Internet, it’s cool looking but poorly explained”
        hey – you’re describing most of my ex’s too.

  2. Oh, this again
    I like how there are people whose names are in larger type than yours, as if they are more important to you than you are to yourself.

  3. It’s truly a work of art. There’s a LJ “friend” who doesn’t even show up on the Map, yet he’s actually someone I’ve known “in real life” longer than almost everyone that’s shown.
    I love the interweb 😀

  4. Gutbloom is on the Wire
    I like this mind map because I’m very close to and, you know, she’s a looker! What I’m pissed off about is that I’m so far from your inner circle. I know, I know, we’ve never met and you probably don’t read my journal, but I’ve never seen a center I didn’t wan’t to be in the middle of. I see the path. I just off and and I’ll be much closer. How tough do you think is?

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