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  1. High School dumps books. This confused me, and not because I’m a book-hugging Luddite. I can see why browsing a crappy modern textbook on a laptop is not much worse or better than holding one in your hand, but what about English classes, for example? Is there an advantage to reading The Scarlet Letter on a screen in electronic form versus the Penguin paperback? Or is this just the latest version of administrators falling in love with technology?
  2. Cockblocking (literally). Chickens, like swinging 20somethings, have lots of empty sex.
  3. This inappropriately funny headline actually shows how STDs spread among teenagers.

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  1. How do you take notes…
    in the margins if you don’t have a textbook? Sure, some sophisticated programs allow it, but I guarantee those aren’t the programs in use in those schools. And even if those schools were using sophisticated software, teachers would have to be taught how to use it and then they would have to teach students. So in the long run, it’s not just the $250 more per computer vs. the cost of textbooks, but also the cost of printing out all the pages they have to read, which most of the students will almost certainly do. And after this, they’ll doubtless come to the conclusion that computers don’t work in education. –Laura

  2. I’m scared to think that the reasoning behind a digital textbook may have more to do with how easy it would be to change information, especially for those Kansas “it’s just a theory” educators.

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