Context-free observation from the day’s events. Anecdote, possibly related in some way to observation. Depressive rumination on personal neuroses, social troubles, and alienation. Attempt to synthesize observation, anecdote, and depressive rumination. Joke.

Closing statement that indicates self-pity, self-consciousness, and ironic detachment pretty skilfully.

[decent amateur snapshot]

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    Affirmative acknowledgement. Tedious, lengthy tangetially related personal anecdote meant to build empathy but probably just coming off as a gigantic dork. Self deprecating remark. Twist ending with minor word play/irony.
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      1. Thanks.
        Or, rather, response indicating appreciation of your appreciation.
        Don’t know what I was thinking. 🙂

  2. Inane whim, followed by imperious order. Immeasurably vast waste of time undertaken. Significant climatological change results.

  3. Failure to explain I am here from metaquotes. Random spiteful one-liner destined to inspire either comment deletion, or an ‘Edit: ‘ line clarifying original poster’s position and decrying the cruelty of trolls.
    (All joking aside, this was a sadly accurate template for the majority of LJ posts. The only way you could’ve made it more generically applicable would be to make a generic userpic as well — ‘icon’ with a barcode, or something!)

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