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  1. at 17th?
    Is that what they subjected you guys to at D’s tonight? They should have played at the D’s in Brea that I was subjected to. maybe 10 people all night – nonfriendly staff (except for one girl) and I’m back there again tomorrow night. I weep openly.
    Even Carlos was frowning by the time we were done.
    You guys should tell Eddie that he can request specific acts from Diane. there are a few D’s that don’t like me, so I know it’s possible.
    Jason Feddy is at the new D’s down the street tomorrow night – if you haven’t seen him, you should give him a try – English guy – great voice, songs and guitaring. Funnier than a Bush in office too.

    1. Re: at 17th?
      Maybe you could get a gig opening for Eddie’s death metal band!
      These dead hippies are regulars. They’re the nicest people in the world but they turn everything, everything, everything into a mix of CSNY and Peter Paul & Mary. It’s hilarious/horrible when they do something like “Paint it, Black” or some heroin ‘n’ death song as though they were doing a Kumbayah for the Methodist Kids Kamp. Brrr.
      Brea is not a hub of the arts.

      1. Re: at 17th?
        “Maybe you could get a gig opening for Eddie’s death metal band”
        well, I DO have a toy xylophone. I’m one slide whistle away from death metal already!

      2. Re: at 17th?
        It’s all about the look. Maybe his head is really shaved and he wears a cunning toupe for work. I told him last week while enduring the beatles grave raper that he should do a D’s gig acoustically and he said he didn’t have the chops, so I have no idea what his band might sound like.

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