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Ladies and gentlemen, the newest stamp from the Mexican postal service, commemorating a beloved cartoon character named “Memin Pinguin”.

mexican stamp

Yeah, I actually had to lj-cut a stamp. I guess there must be about 8 black people in Mexico. Reminds me of the Sambo-ish caricatures in Japan.

12 thoughts on “international postal news from all over

  1. I think it’s damned funny; Mexico seems to live to needle the US. They’re like our crazy fucking uncle who lets all the kids drive.

    1. i think the gollywogs were limited to marmalade only! i remember you could send away the robertsons labels and get a doll!

      1. this is so wrong but I have a gollywog and owen calls it “pitty the fool”. He and ryan pretend its Mr. T. It’s ryans fault. I take no responsibility.
        Now I want marmalade.

      2. likewise! i’m jelous you have one of those dolls. we only ever had the PG Tips monkeys and used to play with them in the bath. i think they were actually egg cups though…

  2. Bush himself did not take a stand on the flag, though, slyly, his wife, Laura, publicly stated that she does not believe the flag is racist.

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