9 thoughts on “Music stories we didn’t bother reading

      1. Damn it, I had almost repressed that memory! No, that was a sadder day- except, I had hoped that he had somehow done that ad with a streak of cynicism or something (I have never seen it)…

      2. Don’t. It’s horribly sad and depressing. Bob as dirty old man, Bob as sellout, etc. Nightmarish. Makes me want to go cling to my pre-motorcycle-acccident Dylan albums and weep.

  1. ???
    you could understand it if he was broke and needed a financial windfall – even if he ever was, all he’d have to do is ask each fan to send him $5 and watch the millions swell.
    you can only hope that somehow he does a bunch of these and then has some wonderful punchline in store for everyone.
    i had a vision last year that some big deal rock star would start to release an album comprised of jingles for different companies and the albums would be embraced as a “statement about commercialism”, even tho the album would be underwritten by the companies on the album. Sort of a “Who Sells Out” for the reality TV generation.
    I wish I was some big deal rock star, cause it IS a neat idea, no?

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