I set the serif, but I did not kern the Futura

I started futzing with my browser fonts. God help me. Once this begins I go into an OCD frenzy in which everything looks too big, too small, too bold, too faint. I blame Torgo. Anyway, while I’m raging at machines and rubbing my eyes and trying to figure out what hurts the least to look at all day, I thought I’d ask you all what you use. POLL TIME.

Edit: If you answered “Microsoft Comic Sans”, the “see below” means “please kill yourself now”.

9 thoughts on “I set the serif, but I did not kern the Futura

  1. Notes
    I’ve messed with fonts quite a bit on terminal windows and PuTTY and UltraEdit and such, but I’ve really never touched the settings for my browser. And I’m not sure why. I could’ve just said “the default” for all of the answers, but gave specifics instead.

  2. 8pt font is just rude. i’m glad we’re out of that era where web designers thought it was cool to crap all over their already terrible ui with tiny monospace fonts.

  3. My “default” and ignorance answers prove that I am the least-geeky person reading your journal. At least, the least geeky person who was geeky enough to answer your poll…

  4. I pretty much use the defaults for everything in every app except for monospace. The monospace font is rarely set to a good default–both Courier and Courier New have problems when it comes to I, l, 1, |, and the like.

  5. I’m slightly heartened that I’m not the only one who uses the default for everything. Funny thing is, several computers ago, I used to personalize everything. Now, I use all my energy and creativity to wake up in the morning.
    As what’s his face said, it’s a wonderful life.

  6. For monospace, in browser and editor and xterm, Lucida Sans Typewriter (and only exactly that — Lucida Console bugs me). The Windows fonts I use for browsing only work well in Linux thanks to a freetype build that enables the (patent-controlled) bytecode interpreter.)

  7. Fonts
    Since I switched to Linux, I’m too lazy to install new fonts. But I use a Bookman font (after years of Georgia under MSWin), and these font settings on a 1024×768 monitor, modulated by bad eyesight, half-good glasses, and sitting about 4.5 feet from the 15-inch screen.

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