ahh SHIT, i liked this guy

Karl Mueller died.

Met him on their first tour in 1985. I’d really loved Say What You Will, Clarence: Karl Sold the Truck, especially “Religiavision”, and then they put out Made to be Broken and wow, had to go see them. They played the Anti-Club and maybe 10 people showed up. Oddly I kept meeting people years later who’d been at that show. Soul Asylum was a really amazing band around that time; loud and passionate. They did great mashups, too. I particularly remember them doing a mash of Gang of Four’s “Damaged Goods” with Prince’s “The Cross”.

Unfortunately by the time they started to do really well they’d changed their musical style almost completely and I didn’t enjoy it. I liked everything up to Hang Time, but when they got into that “Runaway Train” phase they totally lost me.

Weird irony that Karl got throat cancer. I’d expected Dave to croak (literally) from that, the way he destroyed his voice.

Sorry, Karl.

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  1. My boss’s response to finding out that Mueller was only 41: pumping fist in the air and shouting “FORTY-ONE! EVERY DAY THAT I CONTINUE TO LIVE IS A MIRACLE.”

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