Like all the other WHAT?

Not only was the F1 race in Indy a comic disaster, but Bernie Ecclestone… Well, just read below.

F1 boss likens Danica to ‘domestic appliance’
Posted: 13 hours ago

Danica Patrick has surged onto the open-wheel racing world, but that might not be sitting well with the old-school boss of Formula One racing.

Formula One is getting its most high-profile United States presence with the U.S. Grand Prix at Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend, but Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t seem to be too crazy about Patrick joining her male competitors on the track, despite her recent Indy 500 success.

“She did a good job, didn’t she? Super. Didn’t think she’d be able to make it like that,” Ecclestone told a gathering of reporters about Patrick’s Indy 500 finish.

“You know, I’ve got one of these wonderful ideas that women should be all dressed in white like all the other domestic appliances,” Ecclestone added.

Ecclestone has controlled Formula One for 25 years, amassing a fortune estimated at $3.7 billion. He has a holding company which operates some of F1’s commercial ventures, ranging from television rights to sponsorships.

But nine of the F1’s 10 teams are in dispute with Eccletone and others over the running of the sport and have threatened to start their own series in 2008. Only Ferrari has signed to stay with Ecclestone after the 2007 season.

10 thoughts on “Like all the other WHAT?

    1. For the discerning homeowner
      The Nefbot is our finest ecclestone-killing home appliance. I particularly recommend the chrome model for today’s kitchen. Both the la-ser and the rotating knives are fully functional and it’s a gem of modern Moldavian design sensibility.

      1. Re: For the discerning homeowner
        i think i need to keep what you said here somewhere for future reference because i love it. it is that good.

  1. I’m a multi-purpose 5-speed KitchenAid mixer, myself. WITH OPTIONAL SPINNING BLADES OF KUNG-FU DEATH!
    Remind me again why I like Formula One but think NASCAR is gross and trashy?

    1. Everything about Formula One except Bernie is awesome. Too bad he owns it.
      I am ordering TWO of your mixers to save MORE.

  2. If thats how Eccletone really thinks, I’m NEVER drinking anything from his juicer. Of course, it does give a hint to how he’s eventually going to die – either a blood spattered kitchen, or in a vacuum cleaner fire.

  3. I aspire to be one of those new monster washing machines, but at the moment, I’m just a Michael Graves cool-designed toasters with three, wide slots for the bread of your choice.

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