This person keeps posting on the mailing list for the macintosh mail plugin that allows you to use GPG privacy in your mail. Kind of a niche thing, you know, fairly narrow. Nor for the Ekklesia Foundation! It’s all about the Big Picture for him/her/them.

Think globally, annoy locally:

the only reason mentioned the solar storms, geomagnetic storms and radio black outs were it delayed and hindered our downloading of mail of this forum;
in travels and catch what ever broadband, ethernet or wireless when we can . have found some light encryption can help when data streams are playing havoc.
there were a few satellite disruptions in some parts of the planet 17 June take a look provided by US tax dollars

from the last few notes on the forum, much has to do with older means and manners access to internet:
a) we go back tot he days of modems of 300/75 baud and forever having to convert between 7 e 1 and 8 n 1
b) seen small wars before on forums over the last quarter of century
c) nothing has changed, issues remain

YES the Internet did exist well before the WEB which was introduced in 1993.

Do not think there will ever be any set standards, written in stone.
We have found e-mail exchange between users of GPG has had little issue, except maybe finding public keys; There are times e-mail with PGP and older versions are issues.

All we are saying internet is NOT Perfect!
Even the sun affects communications 🙂

patience and perseverance remain

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