I guess now that everyone else has announced

What with everyone getting engaged and married lately, it’s just been a dizzy whirl of wedding rings, Saturdays in June, giddy relatives, and Rule #6. It’s as good a time as any to announce mine. As of two days ago, my right hand and I are affianced. We haven’t set a date yet, but we’re probably going to have an autumn wedding, probably in the mountains somewhere pretty or maybe just in the shower again.

We’ve had our good and bad times over the years. Once or twice it looked like I might abandon my own right hand for some so-called “woman”, and there was that brief dalliance with the left hand during the tendinitis crisis. We’ve both agreed to leave the Jerking Strike of 1991 behind us.

The fact is, we’re always going to be together, and we’re always going to have each other. And we like it that way. Getting engaged is just our way of telling the world what we already know in my heart and my phalanges: this love is forever.

Details to follow, and I’ll try to get a better shot of the ring.

10 thoughts on “I guess now that everyone else has announced

  1. Hope it works out for ya, cuz, ya know, I don’t want to think about a divorce. And nice pic of Venice; reminds me of my years as a stand in dummy in other people’s, uh, never mind.

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