She nails it once again.

mcbrennan sums up a lot of how I feel about my age group in this country. We were caught in between two times in American history and got SUCH a pinch.

Pop culture overload, cynicism, forced irony, and passivity are our demons.

Innervisions: go read this if you care about these things.

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  1. The mid to late 60s cohort is actually the Generation X that Douglas Coupland was describing in his book of that name. Somehow the name slowly migrated to kids born in the mid to late 1970s and early 1980s. Since I was born in 1972….ah, i don’t know how to end that sentence.

    1. I was actually born in the last year of the “official” Baby Boom, and my class in school was the last big one around here. But in general my age group got tagged with “Generation X”, yeah. I think the later bunch were supposed to be “Generation Y” (how original!) and I dunno what they are now. Not sure a bunch of Linkin Park fans and people too fucked-up for the infantry need a designation other than “Morlock”.

      1. I don’t know, at least you guys have a generation. I’m officially a Baby Boomer too, but I’m not old enough really, and yet I’m way too old for the Gen Xers. I am essentially on my own, but since I’m independent, I don’t mind too much.
        Still, I dug her entry, and told her so.

    2. wikipedia
      Wikipedia wisely pegs the “generations” as roughly, 1941-1961 -> “Baby Boom”, 1961-1981 -> “Generation X”. And I’ve heard 1981-2001 being called “global youth”.
      Of course, deliniating generations by fixed dates is a tad solipsistic.
      But I’ve also noticed how the term Gen X has shifted over time. It used to mean people old than me (I’m 35) but then seemed to mean people younger than me. But then, 1969 is in the middle of Gen X’s time frame.

  2. From a Youngen…
    Thats a really good little blurb. Beleive it or not it sums up alot of what i feel. I think the children of the 80s she is refering to however are more like the children of the late 80s early 90s. I have always felt as though i was too young or too old at the time alot of the main events have happened within my memory. Most of the knowledge i have is looking back in hindsight at what happened when i was but a wee lad. Old enough to know the mistakes and consiquences of the past, yet to young for anyone to care listening to. Our society has out grown common sence and basic logic. if it moves fast and looks good then who cares about the quality. its the same way with everything from happy meals to politcs.
    It has always left me with a feeling of not fitting in, pretty much anywhere. fortunitly i dont really mind that though, most everywhere is pretty fucked up and scary…

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