Dumbass is a virus from outer space.

billI keep seeing this article about William Burroughs linked everywhere, as though it was somehow the definitive word on him.

I don’t think so.

Is it supposed to be news that Burroughs was a drug addict and did some really shitty things, and was neurotic? Or that he had an “Ugly Spirit”? Has anyone read a biography of him, or paid attention to his writing? Parts two and three are worse, ending in a clumsy Freshman Comp “conclusion” paragraph that says exactly nothing.

What is wrong with “internet culture” that a mediocre 5-7 page undergraduate literature class paper that deserves about a B+ is linked all over the place as canonical, innovative, fascinating?


3 thoughts on “Dumbass is a virus from outer space.

    1. Same here. Dripping with self-important pap.
      I was waiting for my Greyhound home from Chicago some years ago when a young man came up to me, meek and apologetic, and told me that he didn’t have enough for his fare home to Champaign-Urbana, and could he please ask for $10? He was sincere and he looked quite scared, so I gave him a $20. He said he’d be right back, not to move an inch, and he gave me his copy of Naked Lunch to keep. He didn’t make it through the line in time for me to get my change because I had to head back to Milwaukee. I didn’t mind. Maybe he got something to eat with the other $10, and I still have the book on my shelf.

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