he’ll be runnin’ but he won’t get far

  1. Just to make this perfectly clear: I am not a cowboy, and this thing on which I am riding is not a steel horse.
  2. Have my Californian emigré friends managed to wreck Portland yet? They’re all buying real estate, it’ll only be a few years. Let me know!
  3. I’m an awkward creature when I’m trying to be friendly. I should stick with sarcasto-bastard.
  4. sprol_feed is a nice view of the Apocalypse.
  5. Everything is better left unsaid (Rule #6)
  6. If you like you can marry me, and if you like you can buy the ring.

8 thoughts on “he’ll be runnin’ but he won’t get far

      1. Re: will nature make a man of me yet?
        I haven’t GOT one! It’s just a list of stuff. The subject line and last item are songs I listened to today. I think everything else was just stuff that went through my head tonight while talking to my friends.
        I promise I’ll have a theme next time, really!

      2. No Theme Needed
        An outstanding list. You post often, your posts are always fun to read, you need no filter. Post on, my friend, post on!
        BTW, that Bon Jovi song is one of my recurring mild obsessions (you know, songs that you can’t get out of your head for a day or two). I don’t know why. I read somewhere that mild obsessions often have irregular beats or structure and the reason you get stuck on them is because your brain is trying to resolve the irregularity. That song doesn’t have an interesting meter. I think my brain just wants to keep going over the words again and again because they are so silly.

      3. Re: will nature make a man of me yet?
        I can totally imagine Morrissey singing “Have my Californian emigré friends managed to wreck Portland yet?”, though.

  1. Re: points 2, 3 and 6
    #2. I come from a long line of renters. My proud, oppressed heritage forbids such ridiculous things as home ownership.
    #3. I’ve learned to not try, why haven’t you? Of course, stupid question.
    #6. Will you do me all nasty like for cash (and jewelry)?

  2. This night has opened my eyes
    I don’t dream about anyone, except myself…
    (and every b-list pulic figure of the last 150 years)
    I believe every cowboy has his sad, sad song. But that’s another hair metal nightmare

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