Last month’s search requests to my li’l domain.

Probably has something to do with the name of my default vanity domain, but bleargh. Scream and cream? rubber apron? JET FUEL IN MY MILK? And worst of all, Unicode Sliderule.

Listing the top 20 queries by the number of requests, sorted by the number of requests.

#reqs search term
3 gangbangfuckfest
2 unicode sliderule
2 password
1 goldpornhost
1 password hacks
1 rubber apron remember
1 password
1 how can i record and download the videos from
1 fiction spy undercover infiltrate tied breasts pussy suck dick
1 crack and hack
1 jet fuel contaminate milk
1 does the manufacturing of soccer balls pollute the air?
1 how deep should underground wiring be?
1 karaoke picture
1 facial
1 picture of karaoke
1 hackers passwords
3 [not listed: 3 search terms]

9 thoughts on “Last month’s search requests to my li’l domain.

  1. I don’t know. How deep SHOULD it be?
    I am trying to determine if my mis-read of “unicorn sliderule” is better or worse than the original.
    How the F. does “gangbangfuckfest” lead to your site? Via what search engine?


    1. Re: I don’t know. How deep SHOULD it be?
      P.S. The interesting search terms across my various sites for last month include:
      90 evil clown
      18 historietas
      8 jerk my dick
      7 substitution codes
      7 shinji san
      4 hex to ascii java
      4 rot n decryption
      8 anime lego
      8 evil fish
      7 nojess
      6 giving head
      6 black perl
      1 vexillogy
      3 omnie
      3 finger in nose


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