hoyvenmayven points us to a guide for Christians who want threesomes.

Of course, many heterosexual men, rather than feeling threatened by lesbian sex, are fascinated by it, and in this case, the exploration of the wife’s sexuality with another woman could actually serve to draw the husband and wife closer together. However, in this situation we must ask what degree of participation is appropriate for the male, and how should he conduct himself so as not to commit adultery against his wife. This is a slippery slope, but if we look to the Scriptures, we can establish some guidelines for what is permissible.

The same guy thoughtfully includes analyses of oral, anal, and of course boner pills.

Parody, or insanity? It’s a close call, folks.

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  1. !!!

    “Second, for a young woman who has never engaged in sexual intercourse, having anal sex allows her to preserve her virginity (i.e., maintain an intact hymen) until marriage. There is no greater gift that a bride can give than to offer her pure, unsullied maidenhead to her husband on their wedding night.”

    Yes, men–you can turn your woman into Goatse and she will still be considered pure and chaste on her wedding day.

    1. Re: !!!
      Incidentally, I knew a guy who made periodic trips to central America to combat the whole anal-sex-virginity thing as it was that kind of thinking amonst younger Catholic youth that was fuel TEH AIDS EPIDEMIC in latin countries in the 80’s.

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