hello there internet

I’ve got a glass of Pellegrino next to me, a cat on my leg, some Buzzcocks in the iTunes, and a lovely spring evening outside.

How’s things in your latitude?

4 thoughts on “hello there internet

  1. internets
    I have a cat quacking at me, and I have vanquished JavaScript yet again. Also, rooibos tea, and texmati rice with a dash of sesame oil and a dash of soy sauce. Big pimpin.

  2. At the time you posted this I had just turned the TV off and lasped back into my gin-induced OUT COLD.
    Noe I’m cruising through LJ, sipping decaf, considering a purchase of donettes and milk, and trying to decide what I’m going to do to occupy my time around here today…

  3. Woke up at 11, very strong decaf coffee, BBC Beethoven mp3s, 60° and grey with little traffic. Birdies go tweet-tweet.

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