You’re all doomed.

This is because the poor deluded innocent children at LJ gave me 50 more icons.

Also. Today at the market I looked idly at the Appenzeller cheese and thought “who would want horse cheese?” And then I realized that I had conflated this (non-horse) cheese with the Lippizaner Stallions.

And then I went home before anything else like that happened.

6 thoughts on “You’re all doomed.

  1. Horse cheese in pop culture
    Local commercial-“indie” radio station Xfm (they’re the ones who play all the highly derivative bands NME rave about) recently ran an ad campaign touting the “wacky”,”zany” qualities of its new breakfast show. One of the billboards features a pie chart of the various types of cheese (sheep, goat, cow, and one slice reading “?”), with the caption “When will the horse cheese be ready?”

    You are the king of user icons, sir. I bow to you.
    (I do not have the appropriate icon to use for this comment.)

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