Merely a personality disturbance.


Proving that we’re not the only modern country that’s insane lately, the Italians brought us this gem today, via Reuters. Kids! Count the number of fucked-up wrong things in this article!

Italian court says gay man can drive

A Sicilian court condemned road authorities on Monday for suspending the driving licence of a man after finding out he was gay.

The court on the Mediterranean island said being gay was merely “a personality disturbance” which had no bearing on a person’s ability to drive, Ansa news agency reported.

The 23-year-old man, who was identified as Danilo G., got into trouble with the road licence authorities in the city of Catania after they discovered he had been exempted from military service because he was gay.

The authorities suspended his driving licence ahead of further checks on his “suitability” to take the wheel.

The man’s lawyer, Giuseppe Lipera, denounced the move as “utterly scandalous and offensive” and has demanded 500,000 euros in damages.

“Danilo … is deeply perturbed by what has happened. He has lost his hair and is suffering shock,” Lipera was quoted as saying by Ansa.

In a written ruling released on Monday, the Sicilian court said: “It is clear that sexual preferences do not in any way influence a person’s ability to drive motor cars safely.”

The judges added that homosexuality “cannot be considered a true and proper psychiatric illness, being a mere personality disturbance”.

Homosexuality is legal in Italy, but openly anti-gay comments from politicians and officials rarely cause a stir.

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  1. Homosexuality is legal in Italy
    Coming at the end of that piece, this statement should be some small consolation. Why, then, does it feel like the most fucked-up detail of all?

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