9 thoughts on “I’m starting to like Dashboard a bit more

  1. you have a lot of crap in your menubar — astrological symbols and musical notations? what gives you the space/cpu monitor?

    1. The musical note is from Audioscrobbler which is a “share your musical taste” website. The symbol you probably mean is Quicksilver which is basically spotlight that doesn’t suck. The performance stuff is from a freeware app called MenuMeters.

  2. Best 1995 ever
    It looks like someone from Wired magazine in 1995 did an “imagineering sketch” about how desktops should look! (But forgot the Pointcast!)

    1. It’s a static factoid.
      ignatz: pea, southern california weather
      pea: Late night and early morning low clouds and fog clearing in the afternoon with highs in the upper sixties to low seventies. Overnight lows in the fifties.

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