Who are you again, anyway?

So this guy I’ve never heard of wrote something for the SF paper about how he’s leaving the left to be a better liberal, or something. I had a bit of trouble figuring out what he meant, but I think he meant he wanted to have a headline about a headline about a guy who’s a writer who’s not with the left any more. He’s not Christopher Hitchens so I don’t think it’ll get him a lot of money. But anyway, here’s the “money quote” from his interview at http://www.thompsonatlarge.com/

Likewise, I’ll be glad to cheer when the Children’s Defense Fun gets around to advocating dedicated parenting as kids’ first and foremost need. Until then, I’ll keep saying to Dr. Laura: You go, girlfriend.

Leaving aside for a moment the question of why paying for kids’ vaccinations is forgetting about dedicated parenting, I have a tip for Mr. Thompson. You are an aging white man in a suit. You do not get to say “You go, girlfriend” to anyone at all, ever, much less to a freaked-out nonpsychologist religious fanatic entertainer who makes a living humiliating the suffering of others.

So I’m not going to try to figure out the convoluted reasoning of why you made your big life decision; I’m just going to write you off. You might be better off just getting a red sports car, a weave toupée, and a few blowjobs from your secretary if you want to feel a bit more free.

2 thoughts on “Who are you again, anyway?

  1. I saw that in the paper today. I was able to read the first three or four paragraphs before giving up in sheer disgust. I stopped reading when he explained that liberals hate George Bush more than they love freedom. You see, the left, being so blinded with hatred, cannot bring themselves to admit that George W. Bush created democracy and human rights in Iraq, with his own bare hands. We used to love human rights and oppressed peoples. But now that Bush has liberated an oppressed people, all we can do is whine. Uh, okay. What a wanker!

  2. I’m kind of a left-hating leftist too. But shoot me if I ever say stuff like this head-exploder:

    […] the room took on a collective bemused smile of the sort you might expect if someone had casually mentioned taking up child molestation for sport.

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