Nobody came to my wine & cheese party.

I am not hardcore.

Politically I’m a moderate liberal. Morally I’m cautious but permissive. Intellectually I’m modern but skeptical of modernity.

It’s clear that I’m not suited to the times. This is an age of extremes, and extreme ideas and behavior are required. I lose!

This was made clear again when I noticed this week that within three days I’d spoken with one acquaintance who is a Black Bloc Anarcho-Kaboomulist Government-Destroying Everything-Resisting Radical Activist SOLDIER OF THE REVOLUTION, and another acquaintance who works in a top security facility designing and building superweapons for use by secret soldiers on “unacknowledged” business for my imperial government.

I want to hold up a sign to both of them saying PLEASE STOP BEING CRAZY.

But, you know, that’s all part of being a soft bourgeois middle-class white liberal in suburbia.

8 thoughts on “Nobody came to my wine & cheese party.

  1. “Black Bloc Anarcho-Kaboomulist Government-Destroying Everything-Resisting Radical Activist SOLDIER OF THE REVOLUTION” is going to be my new t-shirt, this I vow.
    I know how you feel. I mean, I’m pretty far left, really, having taken a lot of the socialist principles my country is actually supposed to follow to heart. However, there are lots of people I’ve met that are exhibiting the kind of behaviour that, were I to be doing the same, would cause a drastic raise in my lithium dose. I guess one can take into account the Meeting Revolutionary Chicks factor for a lot of them, but not enough to make me comfortable. I don’t like how my friends look in tinfoil hats.
    And that’s from the middle-class white crazywoman who encourages people to accept their mental illnesses.

  2. When you say that you are a liberal do you mean James Madison or Ted Kennedy?
    If you take a principled stance against imperialism, you are out of the US political mainstream. America has been an empire for at least a century and has no real claim of being a constitutional republic.

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