aphthous stomatitis

Please saw my head off. After two weeks, the numerous mouth ulcers have not gone away and the pain is radiating up into my ear and skull and down into my throat, making me feel like I simultaneously have an ear infection, bronchitis, and The Devil’s Own Canker Sores. Plus postnasal drip, constant need to spit, and other sexy side effects.

This is the worst one in years, and I get these a lot. Seriously I’d pay big bucks for an opiate painkiller, or even better a cure. How can something this unlikely to kill me make me feel this shitty?


6 thoughts on “aphthous stomatitis

  1. This is not a joke or a trick to get you to hurt yourself.
    I swear this works for me and everyone I know.
    Dip a Q-Tip in some hydrogen peroxide and hold it against your mouth aids. It will hurt like hell at first, but then it will stop hurting and if you do this every time they hurt they’ll go away quickly.

  2. my youngest sister used to get these all the time
    the stress-related ones anyway. she stopped getting them after she had her tongue pierced, oddly enough (?), but what she did for them before that was a good mouth-swish with milk of magnesia 2-3x a day, generally after brushing her teeth. it’s chalky and unpleasant but seemed to afford her some relief.
    oh wait of course, this shit stings like nobody’s business when you put it on, but if you dry off the stupid little sore when you put it on it has excellent staying (and NUMBING) power. i usually use a q-tip for application, one end for a drying of the area and one end for application of the gel – it helps you get the really thin layer that stays on forever.
    good luck.

  3. This usually works for me, but it probably has no redeeming medical value whatsoever.
    I usually gargle with hydrogen peroxide (someone above already suggested this) and then I use a q-tip and put Camphophenique on it, it tastes like ass, but it usually makes ulcers feel better and they seem to heal up rather quickly.
    Zilactin-B works wonders as well, but yeah it burns like hell.

  4. my homeopathic way to get rid of this is:
    grapefruit seed extract liquid drops
    its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral
    go to mothers vitamin section (or see me @d’s)
    you can gargle with a diluted mouth wash of water and GSE.
    maybe that will work…

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