Also there was a billboard for an anti-spyware software I’ve never heard of

Hi. I’m in San Francisco. Fairly uneventful 6.5 hours on the road. Lots of hot rods out on display, all driven by near identical sixtysomething white guys with facial hair and ball caps. A weird incident involving a Bronco with its flashers on and four members of the Mongols motorcycle gang swerving about looking tough. Lots of RVs towing smaller vehicles, which is unexceptional, except that one of them had both a motorcycle and a helicopter in its trailer. Now that’s a vacation.

I was behind a Toyota hybrid geekmobile with the license GOATCHZ. Someone gordonzola knows?

I want to see all you SFers and deeply, slowly, passionately tongue kiss you. No idea how it will work since I can’t plan for shit on my vacations.

I’m going to find pizza or something and alcohol now.

7 thoughts on “Also there was a billboard for an anti-spyware software I’ve never heard of

    1. Six and a half hours is nothing!
      Total Est. Time: 43 hours, 21 minutes
      Here’s the best part of the directions, according to Mapquest:
      Merge onto I-80 W via the ramp on the LEFT toward US-46 W/STANHOPE/NEWTON (Portions toll). 2863.7 miles
      Amazingly, it’s probably cheaper to fly there these days ;x

    2. And that’s just the California coast!
      If it were any smaller, we all would have beaten the shit out of each other by now.
      Tho that might be a good thing…

  1. Hummm, would we drive four hours to meet you up there for a deep, passionate tongue kiss? Today, I’m ready for just about anything.
    The cost of gas alone makes that iffy. But, on your way back to So Cal, give us a honk!

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