I just bought underwear. Usually I do this at a bigbox store and get generic cheap underpants & socks. This time I went to a discounter and got fancy rich people underwear & socks for the same money.

Jesus CHRIST there was a lot of packaging. Getting briefs out of a package was like opening up a new iPod or something. I’m used to just ripping open the bag-o-cloth and dumping it in the washer. After 15 minutes I have three different pieces of tape on me and my trash can is full of cardboard on which there are pictures of well-muscled young gay men.

I bet rich people spend all their time fighting packaging.

You have now read my internet diary article about my underwear. You’re glad!

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  1. I bet rich people spend all their time fighting packaging.

    Maybe so. But the really rich people have people who fight the packaging for them.
    Me, I buy the Jabba The Hutt line. There isn’t any packaging at all šŸ™‚

  2. I tried to buy some 3-to-a-bag underwear today (I prefer boy underwear). I could only find the one-to-a-hanger (hanger for underwear?!) underwear which is, I suppose, flipping into the Lingerie Zone. TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS A PAIR. WTF. I don’t even buy the 3-to-a-bag kind for more than $20 a bag.
    The world of ass coverage has changed. Sigh.

  3. I go into Victorias Secret “megapalace of chones” once a year for the after Christmas “sale”.
    (excuse me, $20 a PAIR marked down from $35 is NOT a sale)
    Well anyway, I find it disturbing that there is no packaging to seperate it from the other underwear in the giant BINS they are all clusterfucking in.
    I always think “Why do tongs feel like something that should be available while scavenging this bin-o-lust”.
    I also ponder that women try these underwear ON sometimes (a vile and deplorable attribute), How do I know that the underthings I choose haven’t rubbed crotches with some other minced pair, or that the ones I choose aren’t in fact tainted themselves?
    I refuse to touch the crotch butter of any woman that would shop at Victorias Secret. HOOCHIES!
    So be glad for all your protective layers and shit.

  4. you stole my non-entry!!!
    I had been contemplating an entry about my underwear and more than anyone needed to know about it, but restrained myself.

    1. Re: you stole my non-entry!!!
      How about declaring some arbitrary day as international post about your underware day?

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