Liked, but not well liked.

The airport has been closed for 2.5 hours and a jet just buzzed my house. Fear.

I wish someone would put up with me. Unlikely, though.

Cat’s still in the hospital. Not eating.

I’d say I’ve outlived my usefulness, but that would imply there’d been some.

I’m without consequences.

4 thoughts on “Liked, but not well liked.

  1. Well boy howdy, We had airplanes zooming over us yesterday too. Loud, uncommercialy ones that we couldn’t see. Since I have heard exactly ONE airplane since I’ve lived here I was also very nervous.
    Wonder what’s going on.
    Have you guys visited miss p? when my cat was in extended stay at the vet he wouldn’t eat either and then I went and visited with him and cuddled a bit and he ate whjile I was there! Sometimes they get scared and worried about where we are and can’t eat, etc. Give it a shot if you are able!

  2. Sometimes I feel like looking you straight in the eyes and shaking you, saying, “It’s not like that. You’re exactly how you ought to be.” I don’t know you and I don’t know if that’s really true, but it seems like someone should do it anyhow until it becomes true.

  3. i’m really sorry to hear about your cat. one of mine recently had a stroke and has been on the downward spiral ever since – it’ll be my third animal to die within the past two years. you’d think it would get easier, but it doesn’t.

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