Today’s Myspace Russian Bride Spam

Hello my friend
My name is Elena!!!
My box of e-mail:
Today I looked your profile and it very much was to like me
I very much would want to get acquainted with you. You to like me!
Me 27 years I search for the charming person as you! I from Russia!
I have blue eyes and hair of the dark, there Is a sense of humour!
At reception of your message I shall send you most amount of photos!
Also I shall tell about myself on much greater than now
I With the big impatience wait for your message!
Your new friend Elena!

4 thoughts on “Today’s Myspace Russian Bride Spam

  1. “””I With the big impatience wait for your message!”””
    unbe-freaking-lieveable!! ha ha ha-
    you know, thats from my russian bride web-ring i co-founded a few years ago and thanks to myspace…wow!!! we’ve been selling brides by the tons now!!! thanks myspace!!!

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