7 thoughts on “pop culture defines us, please bomb us now

  1. You damn well know…..
    That at least half of their 900 best albums are going to be totally shit top 40’s stuff even dating back before Casey Kasem.

    1. Re: You damn well know…..
      I looked at the list and it was looking really, really good to me. That’s when I had that flinch reflex 🙂

  2. For me this was a bizarre lesson in how out of touch I’ve become. It started with stuff I’ve heard of and mostly owned and liked, moved into a large segment during my teens and twenties when I was a record store doofus, and where I own every single thing on the list, and then as it got closer and closer to the present day the air slowly went out of the hipster musical balloon until finally I was staring blankly at a list of artists and records I’d never even fucking heard of. I’m not even sure I care, which is sadder. I hate missing good music, but I almost hated being a pretentious super-knowledgeable record store weasel more. But without the tons of free promos I got from working, I could never have afforded to learn what’s new and good (or old and good for that matter). And now I can’t so I don’t. Sad.
    But I’m old and cranky, and 900 albums that exist only in the digital ether without album covers, lyrics sheets or physical form of any kind are just no damn good to me. I’m not sure I’m gonna like the future much.

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