cat update

Not so good. She’s still at the vet. They’re eyedropper feeding her. She might be able to come home in a day or two. The longer-term prognosis isn’t known. It really doesn’t sound very good though. One kidney down and now the other is blowing up.

We might have to inject her twice a week or so to hydrate her. Trying to figure out if we can handle that. Mom can’t, maybe I can.

12 thoughts on “cat update

  1. you can do it. i had to inject my cat every day. it’s a very slender needle, you do it in the scrff of the neck, they barely feel it. merv looked forward to it because he knew he’d get chicken.

  2. How old is this cat? I’m giving my cat fluids, it’s not so bad, sometimes. It doesn’t hurt the cat if you do it right, but it can be hard to do the ‘sticking’ (if you Google it, giving cats subcu. fluids, you can find photos and everything, and the vet can show you). I’m sorry about your cat.

  3. Hi there,
    Perhaps we have gone our separate livejournal ways. However, I want to tell you that your cat is in my thoughts. Even before I knew of any troubles with her, I have found myself thinking of the pictures you have posted of her in the past. She seems like such a lovely gal, very beautiful. And it’s clear she loves you like crazy.
    All the best, for all your family.

  4. honk honk
    I’m sorry it’s so hard right now. I’m thinking of you and pouss. Subcutaneous fluids are do-able if you can manage needles. A lot of people will say you can do it; I couldn’t, even after working at a vet clinic for 2 years. I know you’ll do whatever you need to do, iggy. Just keep thinking about quality of life for all of you and do what’s best. I wish I could help.
    Hug honk.

  5. I hope she’s okay. I have done the hydration injection (despite intense squeamishness) and didn’t have too much trouble with it, mainly because I had careful instruction from the vet, made much easier by the fact that the kitty didn’t seem to even notice when I did the injections. I hope it all works out okay for her and for you.

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