Are we not 419 scammers?

And this just in, from “”:

Hey this is sgt 1st Class Steve Devo, an american soldier of 1-22 Infantry
Battalion currently serving in Iraq.I am writing this message from bagdad in
Iraq.we hit Iraq may 2003 and have moved around a few times building up
f.o.b.’s around the western side of the country as well as missions into
Bagdad.With attacks by insurgents everyday We managed to move funds belonging
to Saddam Hussien’s family.

The total amount is US$25 Million dollars in cash,mostly 100 dollar bills. We
want to move this money out of iraqi. no strings attached, just help us
recieve it, Iraq is a warzone although partially ended. We plan on using
diplomatic courier to ship the money out in one large silver box, using
diplomatic immunity.

Therefore,If you are the type that can pull this string,kindly get back to me
ASAP through email.As soon as i receive your positive reply,I shall furnish
you with further details..

Please,note,this issue must be handled with utmost confidentiality as to
avoid publicity.

Sgt Steve Devo.

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