The future lies ahead (IM convo)

substitute: I am scared of growing old. I’m 40 and my 401(k) only has $50K in it and is on the stock market.
Guy Mann-Dude: It’s Chinatown, Jake.
Guy Mann-Dude: Buy land. They’ve started unmaking it.
Guy Mann-Dude: or wait, buy Europe.
Guy Mann-Dude: I’m waiting for slavery to come back.
Guy Mann-Dude: they I can buy shares in some nice shiny Thais
substitute: I think when I get old I’ll just have to shoot people and take their stuff.
substitute: Good thing I’m white, I won’t do any time.
Guy Mann-Dude: I think that’s perfectly viable
Guy Mann-Dude: We can get jobs reconfigging the killbots at an Assisted Prisoning Community!
substitute: (privatized by JaleCo)

3 thoughts on “The future lies ahead (IM convo)

  1. I wish I had some useful tax shelter news for you, but I don’t know anything about tax shelters.
    But the privatized by JaleCo bit made me laugh.

  2. My mother, 10 years your senior, has roughly 10% of your sum. I wouldn’t be too worried.
    Actually, maybe you should and my mother and I should be terrified. Great, another thing I should avoid thinking about.

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